General Rules

 The students are required to reach the school in time. Late comers are not allowed.
 Irregular attendance and irregularities in completing the assignments and ill behavior of any kind among the students may lead to their dismissal from the school without any further notice. Students are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both in and out-side the school.
 Students are strictly forbidden to purchase any eatable from unauthorized dealer in or near the school premises.
 The students must follow instructions of the Monitor/Class Representative appointed to maintain discipline.
 Any kind of damage done to the school property and premises shall be made good by the student concerned.
 Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by ensuring regularity and punctuality in attendance and discipline and by taking general interest in their children's progress.
 The Managing Committee, acting through the Principal reserves the right of dismissing the student from the school for any reason whatsoever deemed unsatisfactory. In such cases, the Principal is not bound to give any reasons.
 Students will be required to take part in such activities as Games, Dramatics, Debates, Recitation and contests etc. on holidays or after School hours. Participation in such functions will be deemed compulsory by the school authorities.
 Visitors may see the Principal as per the time specified.
 Parents and guardians may see the teachers as per the time specified in the student's diary
 Teachers in the class rooms are not to be disturbed and parents are not allowed to go to the class room area.